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Part #:MILW48-20-5412

Milwaukees one piece carbide tipped core bits are ideal for drilling large holes where the depth is relatively shallow. The core bit cuts a kerf only. The inside core must be removed by the operator before deeper drilling can be accomplished. Use of centering bit 48-20-5495 is recommended (not included). Use drift key 48-20-5497 to remove centering bit from the one piece core bit. The one piece core bits are available in SDS-Max or Spline shanks. They come in a variety of diameters ranging from 1-1/2 to 6 with overall lengths of 11-3/8 or 22 and a drilling depth of 3. The asymmetric tooth pitch with alternating tooth geometries creates faster material pulverization. The one piece design maximizes energy transfer and the thick wall core body is durable even in large hammers. The fluted core exterior minimizes friction loss and removes debris faster. Bullets Asymmetrical and Alternating Teeth for Faster Material Pulverization Thick-Wall Core Body for Durability Even in Large Hammers Optional Centering Tip to Reduce Bit Walking and Create Exact Spot Drilling. 15543
Part #:MILW48-20-3580

Milwaukee SDS-Plus masonry core bits are ideal for drilling large holes in brick, block, and concrete with SDS-Plus rotary hammers. Asymmetrical carbide teeth break up material more effectively resulting in up to 20 percent faster drilling speeds. Centering bits allow for easy alignment of the hole and precise spot drilling. The versatile two-piece design allows users to drill with several different core bit sizes using one adapter. The spiral core body design minimizes friction in the hole and aids in dust removal during the application. Core bits cut with the outer edge only, therefore the operator must remove the inner core continue drilling for holes deeper than 3 in. Features Two-piece design for maximum versatility. Works with SDS plus masonry core bits. Threaded shank design for easy core bit removal. 8mm diameter 16964
Displaying: 1 - 2 of 2 Matching Items