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Part #:MILW48-13-5870

The Milwaukee 7/8" x 18" Ship Auger Bit drills through up to 2X the nails of competitive auger bits without needing resharpening. Drill into clean or nail-embedded wood with confidence when installing Romex wire, Pex water lines, rebar, bolts, and rope in piers, playground equipment and landscaping. The flutes are wider for maximum chip removal, even in deep holes. The polished and coated flute finish means chips won't stick to the bit, even when drilling in material that contains sap or glue.The through-center cutting design creates a more solid striking point against nails compared to the competitions' ahead-of-center and behind-center designs. The longer shaft length makes it easy to drill deeper or overhead without an extension. Bullets Durable Hardened, one-face 20 rake angle design enhances nail resistance, chip removal and fast, easy sharpening Fast chip removal Nonstick, polished and coated flutes eliminate costly cleaning time Impact-rated shank Strong enough to use with an impact wrench Versatile One line of Milwaukee auger bits covers all applications and tools 92758
$ 31.19
Displaying: 1 - 1 of 1 Matching Items